qed               The snows came down.

qed               The moon was welcome to its former potentiality position of greater famifications and wherewithal.

QED               Forevermore and forever.

QED               But who has the aspects of tomorrow to bring? And what is it that you seek in them, exactly? But remembering is not the same as being remembered of course if you can remember all of that.

Q                    And then again.

Q                    But always being part of this thing.



  •              The mirror was opening up now, becoming clear, becoming dark and unassuming and more than it was before, because it had chased the lunacy from his eyes.
  •               He smiled.

O          He gave a grin.

O          The war was beginning to make sense to him, now, and he resolved to take it one day at a time, always a day at a time.

  •      Fighting a war without holds barred is like being a midget in a wrestling ring :  you see so much, and yet you’re so short.  (Just like construction workers are height-challenged).  Who’s got the load for the girl’s face? Who’s going to come hard and make it sticck? Literally?
  •          Because that’s what counts, right? Right.